The wardrobe you pick for your session plays a massive role in the type of photos that will be be produced! I truly believe that it is one of the most important elements to a beautiful session, behind light and connection. 

So many of my clients tell me that they feel location is the most important decision while planning their session. I agree, it plays a huge role.

A gorgeous location is always at the top of the list when deciding on photos. This is because people know and accept that location is big. Taking photos with a beautiful backdrop makes a huge difference in the way the photos turn out. The same is true for wardrobe. They are equally as important.

Together, they create an atmosphere that will compliment the look we are trying to achieve and create. Color, texture, & layering are extremely important elements in photography.  Combining those with the perfect light and connection will produce the jaw dropping images you’re dreaming of.

My number one goal is that you are absolutely in love with your photos. To accomplish that, I’m here to answer any & every question you may have about wardrobe and styling! I have not only put together a “WHAT TO WEAR GUIDE”, but I’ve also made a special PINTEREST BOARD full of outfit inspiration to give you tons of ideas!

Best of luck styling babes! xx


March 30, 2022

Why is Wardrobe Important?

emi plaisance


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